Floor Hut – Laminate

Do you like the look of tile floors, but hate how cold it can be for your feet in the heart of winter? Or maybe you always wanted a hardwood floor but were worried about what your children or pets might do to the finish, or more importantly, your investment.

If so, laminates may be the answer for you. With literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, laminates can approximate many hardwood and tile looks at a much more affordable price. Years past, laminate floors were relatively easy to spot. However, today’s technology allows manufacturers to create products such as strip wood with beveled edges, and ceramic tile with low-gloss grout lines, all to closely mimic the look of real wood and tile.

Laminate flooring is well suited for those who want the best of both worlds: the look and feel of real wood or tile, and affordability. We encourage you to further research all of the laminate options our vendors offer.

Laminate flooring functions well in nearly any space.